Coffee Packaging Bags (With/Without Valves)

When it comes to coffee packaging, the team at A&M Packaging are the leaders! We have a large range of options available for you to choose from, all of which are capable of protecting the grounded coffee beans as well as roasted coffee beans. Our coffee bags include fantastic features for maximum convenience, including resealable zipper options and tear notches for easy opening.

Our coffee packaging bags can also include optional one-way degassing valves, which help remove excess gas and prevent the packaging from bursting open when pressure is applied. Our coffee bean bags packaging can also be laminated or metalised to enhance the shelf life of the coffee beans, minimising unnecessary wastage and replacement costs.

Advantages of Coffee Bags

Our packaging coffee bags offer various benefits, including:

  • Company names and logos can be printed on the coffee bags for increased brand visibility
  • They weigh less and have lower breakage costs compared to glass coffee packaging options
  • They provide excellent barrier protection to improve shelf life
  • They’re made from eco-friendly materials, allowing you to recycle coffee bags

When you need an experienced coffee bag manufacturer and coffee packaging company, A&M Packaging can provide the assistance you need. Browse our existing range of coffee bag packaging or speak to us about creating your own unique coffee packaging experience.

Additional Options
Tear Nicks