At A&M Packaging we care about our customers – that’s why we have built a team of experts to offer you a distinguished Consultancy Service.

It’s a small fee to pay for peace of mind when you work with our experienced consultants who can help provide information on;

  • Packaging Requirements
  • Production Processing
  • Technical Information
  • Machinery Solutions
  • Artwork Requisites
  • Packaging Choice
  • Print Consultancy
  • Mock-ups

Starting up a new business or expanding an existing, the anxiety will always be there. That’s why the experts at A&M Packaging are here to help.

Our consultants can talk you through each step of the way. Whether it’s packing food products, perhaps you’re unsure of what film type to choose or you can’t decide on the appropriate artwork for your packaging, A&M Packaging has you covered.

Mark Reitberger

A&M Packaging’s M.D. has over 30+ years’ experience in the packaging industry dealing with large clients and small business holders both locally and globally.

Having worked as a Research Scientist for countless years, you know you’re dealing with an individual that has experience and technical know-how.

Mark is whole-heartedly focused on delivering customised solutions that is both informative and analytical for his clients. Clients can confidently rely on him as he provides professional, honest information.

He ensures his clients are well educated and he is proud on delivering quality, long lasting products time and time again.

Mark believes in Seth Godin’s philosophy “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”.

Lindsay Giles

A&M Packaging’s Technical Sales Consultant has extensive knowledge in the packaging industry with numerous years of experience that will have you reassured that all your artwork and printing requirements are taken care of.

Lindsay works closely with his clients in collaboration with their chosen designers, client marketing teams, prepress and the nominated printers to ensure the best possible outcomes when your project goes to press.

Working with an expert technical print support by your side allows’ you to achieve the correct colour consistency for your desired packaging which in turn enhances your products design and builds a more consistent, powerful brand image for your company.

Lindsay can cleverly craft out the most appropriate options available and together you can reach the best customised solution for your packaging needs.


A&M Packaging is an end-to-end solution that can also arrange to have Mock-Ups created for your desired packaging once your artwork & print has been signed off.

Building a Mock-up allows you to see what the end result will look like without going down the expensive, exhaustive path of producing countless number of units to find out its “not quite right”.

Mock-Ups act as a visual aide so you can see what you are creating and helps ensure the solution delivers on your desired requirements.

Mock-Ups can also improve accuracy and functionality so you can obtain acceptance early on in the process. Additionally, the mock-up is a fantastic marketing selling tool that can be easily utilised when speaking with existing and prospective clients.

If you want to avoid costly press runs, speed up your turnaround times and reduce material waste then come talk to the experts at A&M Packaging about your next printing & packaging needs!