Chicken Bags

Chicken Packaging and Roasting Bags

Many people visit grocery stores after work looking for quick and easy dinner idea. Pre-cooked chickens are one of the most popular take-home options. Conveniently stored and sealed inside bags, consumers can easily carry and take the chicken packaging bags home without requiring any preparation. At A&M Packaging, we’re proud to offer the chicken packaging bags for stores that wish to sell freshly cooked chickens.

Product Description

Our chicken bag solutions are second to none, featuring metalized or aluminium foil laminated materials. This provides air tight storage and high barrier properties, preventing contamination and keeping the chicken fresh for an extended period of time. Our cooking bags for chicken are also useful for raw and uncooked chickens as well as sea food and beef products. Additionally, our chicken roasting bags feature resealable zip closures, hanging holes, tear notches and transparent windows for maximum convenience.

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