Meal Trays

Our heat sealed microwavable meal trays are perfect for serving, packaging and storing food. Our meal trays come in various sizes and a distinct choice of colours that are ideal for small businesses, catering companies, food trucks, stalls and much more.

Can’t quite find your size or style, no worries! For a minimum cost, we can custom create replicas of your preferred size and style before you go ahead and place an order.

Speak with our friendly team at A&M Packaging today to learn more about our custom made trays.

Meal Trays

Product Name Product Code Dimensions
(length x width x height)
Material Quantity
pcs/carton carton/pallet pcs/pallet kg/carton
500ml PP Tray AMP001-500PPT 185mmx136mmx35mm PP (Moplen HP500D) 780 24 18720 14 kgs
700ml PP Tray AMP001-700PPT 185mmx136mmx42.5mm PP (Moplen HP500D) 800 24 19200 15 kgs
800ml PP Tray AMP001-800PPT 185mmx136mmx50mm PP (Moplen HP500D) 760 24 18240 14 kgs