Pillow Pouch

Pillow Bag Packaging

At A&M Packaging, we’re proud to offer pillow bag packaging solutions. Known for their flexibility and versatility, pillow pouches are capable of packaging many different products and provide ample space for branding. Our pillow pouch products are ideal for lightweight commodities such as potato chips and cookies as well as various organic foods and much more.

Product Features & Benefits

Our pillow bag packaging boasts numerous features and offers various benefits, including:

  • Their lightweight construction makes them easy to distribute and store on shelves
  • Metalised linings reduce excess moisture, keeping products fresher for longer
  • They’re recyclable, making them an environmentally responsible choice
  • They have high pressure resistance, decreasing the risk of ruptures occurring during distribution and handling
  • Features include optional pouch windows, tear notches, and resealable zippers

A&M Packaging is a leading supplier of pillow pouch packaging solutions. Contact us today by calling (03) 9558 2633, or fill out our convenient online enquiry form for a prompt response.