Quad Seal Bag

At A&M Packaging, we’re proud to offer quad seal bag packaging solutions in Australia. Also known as four sided seal bags, quad seal bags are a stylish packaging solution that’s suitable for coffee and other similar commodities. Known for its reliability and security, a quad seal bag is guaranteed to protect your products from damage or spoilage.

Advantages of Quad Seal Packaging

Our quad seal bag packaging solutions offer various advantages, including:

  • High barrier lamination provides excellent protection and increases shelf life
  • Lower breakage costs compared to glass packaging solutions
  • Capable of withstanding heavier weights due to durable construction
  • Can be customised to include your brand name and product information
  • Features optional resealable zippers, tear notches and pouch windows for extra convenience

A&M Packaging is your one-stop for quad seal bag packaging solutions. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our products or place an order.