Retort Pouch

Retort Pouch Packaging

At A&M Packaging, our retort pouch products are ideal for packaging processed foods and ready-to-eat meals. Boasting protective aluminium layers and offering ample amounts of space for branding, our retort packaging is sure to meet your needs. Our available options have also been thoroughly tested for safety issues in relation to edible goods.

Benefits of a Retort Pouch

There are numerous benefits that retort pouch products provide, including:

  • Suitable for pre-cooked meals, soup, pet food, organic food and more
  • Aluminium layers to help maintain product freshness for longer periods of time
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Increased shelf life, turnover rate and sales
  • Leakage-proof qualities allow for the packaging of liquid products such as soup
  • Features bottom gussets that allow them to stand on shelves

When it comes to retort packaging solutions, there’s no better choice than A&M Packaging. Call us on (03) 9558 2633 or message us online for further assistance.