Snack Food Packaging

Popcorn, Dried Fruit, Sandwich Bags

Everyone loves snack foods, but nobody likes snack foods that have lost their freshness and flavour due to poor packaging. At A&M Packaging, we proudly offer airtight snack food packaging solutions that are designed to preserve freshness and flavour for extended periods of time. From dried fruit bags and sandwich bags through to popcorn bags and more, our range has you covered.

Prevent Spoilage

Our snack food packaging combines high barrier properties that prevent spoilage with appealing graphics that maximise product visibility. They’re also capable of supporting the textures and requirements of different snack food products. Whether you need stand up pouches, three side seal pouches, or a suitable nut bag solution, our products are sure to meet your needs. Additionally, our packaging can visibly display important nutritional information and attract prospective customers.

A&M Packaging is the number one choice for snack food packaging, including bread bags and popcorn bags in Melbourne. Contact us today for more information about our products.