Laminated Packaging

If you’re looking for packaging solutions that boast greater strength and have better protective barriers than other alternatives, laminated packaging might be the answer. At A&M Packaging, our lamination adhesive for flexible packaging is suitable for various products, including personal care products and cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals and more. We can also provide laminated food packaging that’s useful for various foods such as snacks, sugars, seasonings, noodles and beverages.

Excellent Barrier Properties

Our laminated films and packaging feature excellent barrier properties, helping to reduce the risk of contamination while greatly extending product longevity. Our solutions are also highly economical and efficient, as they can be used to package products much more quickly. The fine printing capabilities of our laminated film for food packaging also makes the final product appear more attractive, catching the eyes of prospective customers and helping to increase sales.

A&M Packaging is proud to be a leading lamination film manufacturer for packaging solutions. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you protect your items.

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