A&M Packaging recently announced their joint venture with WIPF.

A&M’s managing director Mark Reitberger believes this partnership will be a golden opportunity with key business paybacks that will offer their Global clients all the benefits of what is out there without the exhaustive complications of overseas factors.

The first innovation offered by this partnership is the one way pressure-relief valve, which:

  • Regulates overpressure and prevents the build-up of further pressure internally, increasing product shelf life
  • Guarantees optimised product protection
  • Is ideal for many types of products, including coffee, fresh products, dough-containing yeast, microwavable steam packaging, pasteurisation without counter pressure, and granular products

The WICOVALVE offers a three year warranty with the lowest defect rate in the market <0.01% compared to its competitors’ one year guarantee for unfilled packaging. This ensures confidence in A&M’s products’ performance.

Due to its superior quality, it also offers improved line efficiencies during filling and a low constant opening pressure to keep residual O2 at a minimum.

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