Plain & Printed Rewind Packaging Solutions

At A&M Packaging, we’re proud to offer plain and printed rewind packaging solutions for many different products and applications. A roll of film that specialised machines turn into packs, rewind packaging is an economical choice for protecting items against damage and contamination. As one of the leading printed and plain rewind packaging companies in the country, we can provide packaging that reduces the risk of unnecessary spoilage and costly wastage.

Suitable Products

Our plain and printed rewind packaging in Melbourne is suitable for agricultural products, personal care items, baby foods, pet foods, snack foods, cereal, pasta, dairy products, soups and sauces, coffee and tea, and much more. Often the packs are gas flushed prior to sealing, helping to reduce the amount of oxygen inside each pack and significantly extend the shelf life of items.

Our rewind packaging can also feature easy peel seals for your convenience and can include matt/gloss print combinations depending on your needs. Contact A&M Packaging today to learn more about our printed and plain printing rewind services.

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