Spice Packaging

Spices are found in most domestic and commercial kitchens. Salt, pepper and countless other spices are commonly used to enhance the flavour of foods, but they can cause a frustrating mess without adequate packaging. Fortunately, the leading suppliers at A&M Packaging offer quality spice packaging solutions that can meet your needs. From stand up pouches and spout pouches through to three side seal bags and more, we have you covered.

Features of Our Spice Packaging

Our spice packaging options have no shortage of excellent features and benefits. These include:

  • Reduces annoying spillages in cupboards and on cooking surfaces
  • Preserves the flavour and aroma of spices
  • High barrier properties provide excellent protection against contamination
  • Resistant to moisture, increasing the shelf life of your spices
  • Visibly displays nutritional information for the benefit of your customers

At A&M Packaging, our spice packaging solutions are second to none. Contact our friendly specialists today for more information and further assistance.